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Have you heard about TIME?

The TIME Project

TIME Extended aims to explore ways of empowering schools to develop and support their arts provision and ways of embedding the arts across the curriculum, to help inspire learning and attain higher levels of academic achievement.

In 2018/19 Year 6 took part in the project.  In 2019/20 Year 2 and Year 4 took part.


This year will be our final year of the project and we had worried that the COVID-19 pandemic might mean a delay or even a cancellation.  Thankfully the TIME team are creative and determined people and we have been able to carry on using the wonders of modern technology.  This year, 2020/21, Year 5 and Year 1 are taking part and we are using video conferencing to allow the artists to 'visit' the classes and teach.  Brilliant! 


Follow the link to find out more.