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Lytham Hall Park Primary School

Discamus As Vivendum, Let’s Learn to Live

Our Ethos, Our Vision, Our Values

At the heart of our school is our school family.  It is this family ethos which drives the vision and the values that are are the core of all we do.   Our school assemblies focus on our school values and we choose a different value each half term. We encourage our children to live our school values every day. 


Our key value at Lytham Hall Park is RESPECT - respect for our friends, our family, our teachers, but most importantly respecting ourselves.  


We have recently reviewed our school values, working with our junior leaders and established our core values as: 


Respect, Responsibility, Love, Courage, Positivity and Kindness.


Our learning is also guided by our values - these are the 5 Rs for learning. We explore these in our assemblies and we remind ourselves of them in every whole school Monday assembly. 

The 5 Rs are 







These attitudes ensure our children grow to be independent learners and we often link these to our school values as they are the key to our happiness and success.