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Our Team

School Leadership Team

Mrs S Bowker Headteacher

Mrs J Curl Deputy Headteacher

Miss K Ainsworth Assistant Headteacher

Mr J Wells Assistant Headteacher 

Miss V Skidmore SENCo 

Miss J Tomlinson Pupil Premium and Looked After Child Champion  


Class Teachers

Miss P Rumsby Yr 6 Teacher

Mr J Wells Yr 6 Teacher

Mrs N Hoskisson KS2 Teacher

Miss A Fraser Yr 5 Teacher

Miss S Ball Yr 5 Teacher

Miss Love Yr 4 Teacher

Miss Wilson Yr 4 Teacher 

Miss S Bibby Yr 3 Teacher

Miss C Hardman Yr 3 Teacher


Mrs H Swan Yr 2 Teacher

Miss J Tomlinson Yr 2 Teacher

Mrs M Coughlan Yr 2/3 Teacher 

Mrs Skidmore Yr2 Teacher 

Miss B Whiteside Yr 1 Teacher

Miss Z Byrne Yr 1 Teacher

Mrs L Aspery EYFS Teacher

Mrs K Ross EYFS Teacher



Mrs S Townsend 

Mrs Y Blackhurst 


Teaching and Learning Assistants

Mrs A Wilson

Mrs S Rendle

Mrs N Thorley

Mrs F Trelore

Mrs S Atkins

Mrs P Zacharius

Mrs M Wheeler

Mrs S Townsend

Mrs K Peet

Mrs J Tang

Mrs D Wilson

Mrs S Crampton

Mrs C Simmons

Mrs J Jay 

Mrs S Hills 

Mrs E Redgrove


Sport (Apprentice)

Mr A Cameron


Family Learning Mentor 

Mrs R Howcroft 


School Business Manager

Mrs C Tyson 


Office Administration

Mrs L Stringer     Mrs D Collings 


Site Supervisor 

Mr A Holmes